Path Achieve announces its new name

Glendale’s Path Achieve celebrated its fifth anniversary in style. Its gala celebration, “Breaking News,” was held on Saturday (Sept. 10) at the ABC7 Broadcast Center in Glendale. More than 400 supporters dipped into appetizers and wine tasting on the back lot surrounded by dozens of looming blue news vans. For one night only, event sponsors took on the titles of news director, executive producer, producer or news writer, based on their level of sponsorship.

Path Achieve’s Board Chair Nick Lam described the organization’s humble roots — a Glendale warehouse transformed into a Homeless Access Center and emergency shelter. Today, Path Achieve helps more than 1,000 homeless people a year.

As twilight fell on the back lot, guests gathered for dinner in a mammoth sound stage. Lights were dimmed to create as intimate a setting as possible. Gleaming warmers with servers behind them stood ready to provide guests with a sumptuous dinner buffet.

Master of Ceremonies Phillip Palmer of ABC7 Eyewitness News introduced Glendale Mayor Laura Friedman.

Following dinner, but before a mouth-watering dessert of chocolate cherry bread pudding, the live auction began. The star item had to be special seating for two at a taping of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Also tossed into the package was luxury limo service for pickup and drop off at the auction winner’s home. The auction wound up raising more than $40,000. Auction sponsors included Lam, Bruce and Debbie Hinckley and Nancy and Chip Stone. All are board members.

Glendale partiers spotted in the crowd were more board members Silva Hameline, Mia Lee and Barry McComb. City big-wigs present included Fire Chief Harold Scoggins, City Manager Jim Starbird, retired Assistant City Manager Bob McFall, Glendale Unified School District Board President Joylene Wagner and Glendale Arts’ Barry McComb.

At the end of the party, Lam explained the evening’s “Breaking News” theme. Path Achieve will establish itself as an organization independent from its parent company, PATH Partners. Path Achieve’s new name was also revealed—Ascencia, Lifting People Out of Homelessness. More changes will include a new headquarters’ building on Tyburn and the addition of a nine-unit apartment complex nearby.

Lam estimated that the evening’s proceeds were expected to reach more than $300,000, with each dollar earmarked for Glendale’s homeless.

For decades Glendale Beautiful has been, well, making Glendale beautiful. To do so, the group has been holding annual fall dinner fundraisers. Friday (Sept. 9) marked its 61st dinner. This one, as many others, was held at the historic Casa Adobe de San Rafael.

President Gladys Wymore welcomed approximately 60 members and guests. She also introduced Chairwoman/Vice President and opportunity drawing ticket-pusher extraordinaire Lynda Burns. Glendale Mayor Laura Friedman offered greetings. “I live about five blocks from here,” said Friedman, “I wanted to be in this neighborhood that has this beautiful house.” The Casa, built in 1868, is a state historical landmark. Friedman ended her remarks by announcing that Glendale Beautiful’s Arbor Day celebrations have resulted in the planting of 7,000 trees in Glendale. After a quick turn on the dance floor, Her Honor had to hurry off to appear in the opening of the Stepping Stone Players’ “Footloose, the Musical” at Hoover High.

Musical entertainment was provided by tenor soloist and opera star Gabriel Reoyo Pazoz. The evening ended with Burns announcing the winners of the opportunity drawing prizes, the last of which was $50. A lucky Ruth Charles walked off with three of the prizes, but not the cash.

Glendale Beautiful’s next activity is its luncheon on Oct. 4. It will star Guillaume Lemoine. Lemoine is a professional landscape designer who will speak on community gardens.

There’s nothing like a baby shower to put everyone in a good mood. On Saturday, Glendale resident Angela Prieto and baby Rylie, due in October, were feted. Hostess Allison Smith opened her Whiting Woods home for approximately 35 of Angela’s friends and well-wishers.

Aubree Taylor of Orange County was co-hostess.

Glendale residents included Judy Ritchie, Anna Jump, Jane McVay, Kathy Lee, Tish Mayer, Kristin Gunnell, Jerry Shanklin and Cary Corrigan. Prieto’s 2-year-old son Aston stayed at home with dad Giulliano.

After the chat, party games and refreshments, a cute gimmick was a raffle. All party guests had to do to enter was to bring a pack of diapers.

In between future diaper changes, Prieto is the owner of Prieto Airbrush and Design in Glendale.

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