GAR Services clients help with Duck Splash

Each year, Glendale’s GAR Services works with Glendale Noon Kiwanis to prepare for the club’s Oct. 15 Duck Splash in which participants sponsor ducks in the event and proceeds are donated to local charities that serve children and youth.

To assist Glendale Noon Kiwanis prepare for the Duck Splash, adults with disabilities who are employed by Glendale’s GAR Services remove tags fitted on the ducks.

This year, clients at GAR Services removed tags from thousands of ducks in a single work day.

Founded in 1954, GAR Services was first established to serve children with developmental disabilities by a Glendale couple named Phyllis and Jerry Campbell who had a child with Down’s syndrome. Nearly 30 years ago, GAR Services evolved into a work program providing adults with disabilities a place to work, interact with others and expand overall skills.

Today, the clients at GAR Services assemble, package and mail items out of the Glendale workshop among additional projects. Some work at various Glendale businesses.

Another annual project has the clients at GAR Services packaging the goodie bags that celebrities take home after the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The Glendale Noon Kiwanis Duck Splash takes place on Oct. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Verdugo Park, 1621 Canada Blvd. Call (818) 409-0755.

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