All-Star members join every PTA unit

Glendale Council PTA celebrated its 22 new All-Star members earlier this month. The members joined after school board and administration officials expressed interest in joining each of the PTA units in the Glendale Unified School District.

In paying $169.50, the PTA All-Stars were given membership at every school’s PTA in the district according to Glendale Council PTA President Elizabeth Manasserian.

All Star members include Elizabeth Arnold, Mary Boger, Margaret Brown, Tami Carlson, Katherine Fundukian Thorossian, Maria Gandera, John Garcia, Kelly King, Greg Krikorian, Amy Lambert, Cynthia Livingston, Eva Lueck, Elizabeth Manasserian, Lynn Miyamoto, Nayiri Nahabedian, Sandra Russel, David Samuelson, Frank Schlueter, Dick Sheehan, Joylene Wagner, Christin Walley and Christine Walters.

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