GCC Foundation searches for funds

What do you do to raise $250,000 in this belt-tightening era of budget cuts to education? That’s the challenge facing the Glendale Community College Foundation as members plan the college’s upcoming 85th Anniversary Celebration. A kickoff breakfast on Thursday began the process. The Oakmont Country Club, in the middle of sprucing up its Terrace Grill, was the setting for the breakfast.

College Supt./President Dawn Lindsay and Foundation President Ellyn Semler welcomed about 50 members who sat down to overflowing plates of scrambled eggs, bacon and baskets of sweet rolls. But food wasn’t in mind as members contributed fundraising ideas and names of people and corporations to honor — all of which will culminate in a fall Gala.

College Board of Trustees members were out in force. President Anita Quinonez Gabrielian was joined by Armine Hacopian, Tony Tartaglia, Vahe Peroomian and Ann Ransford.

Another key member of the team was Pat Crouch, chair of the 85th Anniversary Celebration. According to foundation Executive Director Lisa Brooks, “Pat knows everyone,” which is considered a key to fundraising.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” down at the Glendale Centre Theatre. That’s the current offering at the theater often known more for musicals and comedy than dramas. Based on the Frank Capra film, audiences can expect much of what they remember from the movie or regularly see on TV’s American Movie Classics.

A big plus to this production is that the hapless George Bailey character played by Jordan Monsell is a dead ringer for Jimmy Stewart. And word has evidently gotten around. On Saturday it was standing-room-only for the matinee. At 3 p.m. sharp the curtain rose. The production held its audience from beginning to end.

Among audience members from Glendale were Jane McVay, Cheryl Hannah and Cecelia Walker. Burbank residents included Lillian Giese and Willo Andrus. Familiar with the Frank Capra classic, McVay said, “This show is the genuine article. It’s nice to go to something that everyone in the family can see.”

Post-play, star Ashley Sullivan was spotted with her parents at next door’s Damon’s Steakhouse. Sullivan plays Mary, George Bailey’s wife, in the production. The actress is also a singer and teaches singing at her own AS Studio in Studio City. Proud parents Susan and Tad Sullivan came all the way from Ohio to see their daughter perform.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” plays through Jan. 28.

Overcast skies opened just long enough to bathe the Montrose Farmers Market in sun, attracting visitors who may have planned to stay home. On Sunday hundreds of post-holiday customers were buying fresh fruits and vegetables, still keeping their New Year’s resolutions of healthier eating.

Cash registers rung as vendors totaled up purchases on miscellaneous odds and ends. Owner of TR’s Toys Terri Renner displayed plush stuffed animals and character-themed blankets. A colorful Spiderman blanket went for $8.

The children’s activity areas were also popular. A trampoline attracted the little ones, including Indie Nameth, 4, from Mt. Washington. Mom Kris Nameth supervised the play.

Just as clouds obscured the sun, morning visitors toted away their bounty.

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