Path Achieve Glendale becomes independent, changes name

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Homeless advocacy group PATH Achieve Glendale has changed its name to Ascencia in the wake of spinning off as an independent group from Los Angeles-based PATH Partners.

“The only thing that’s going to change is the name. The services are the same,” said Executive Director Natalie Komuro.

When PATH Partners, an umbrella group that manages several homeless programs, recently reorganized, leaders of its Glendale subsidiary, PATH Achieve Glendale, decided to become independent.

“How they grow and develop works for them in Los Angeles, but it’s not how we wanted to grow in Glendale,” Komuro said.

The Board of Directors selected Ascencia because they like the idea of lifting people up out of homelessness, Komuro said.

PATH Achieve Glendale incorporated in 2006, taking over for Project ACHIEVE, a social services agency that operated in Glendale for 10 years. The group works in the greater Glendale area to move the chronically homeless to permanent housing, shorten the time families remain homeless and end veteran homelessness.

The Chen Yang Foo Oi Foundation Limited and Benefactor Pacific BMW and David L. Ho, Jr., have each donated $100,000 to kick off Ascencia’s private fundraising for 2012.

Image: The new logo for Ascencia. Credit: Ascencia, formerly known as Path Achieve Glendale.