Glendale-based Disney ‘Imagineers’ to start work on ‘Avatar’ attractions

The Walt Disney Co. has struck a deal to bring the fantasy world of “Avatar” to Disney Parks, starting with a multi-attraction themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Fla.

Director James Cameron and his producing partner Jon Landau -- the team behind the 2009 cinematic blockbuster “Avatar” -- will serve as creative consultants, working with Walt Disney Imagineering to bring the fantasy world of Pandora and the broader Avatar universe to Disney’s parks throughout the world.

Ground-breaking at Animal Kingdom, the newest of four theme parks at the city-sized Walt Disney World in Orlando, is planned for 2013.

“I’m chomping at the bit to start work with Disney’s legendary Imagineers to bring our AVATAR universe to life,” Cameron said in a statement announcing the deal Tuesday morning. COMPANY TOWN