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Glendale resident sentenced to two years in stalking case

Gamlet Sarkisyan
Gamlet Sarkisyan was arrested on suspicion of stalking a woman, who he allegedly followed, broke into her home and hit her car with his vehicle to get her attention, police said.
(Courteesy of the Glendale Police Department)

A Glendale man has been sentenced to two years in prison for reportedly stalking a married woman and crashing into her car to get her attention.

Gamlet Sarkisyan, 48, had initially denied guilt in the stalking case, but changed his plea to no contest on Friday and was immediately sentenced, said Ricardo Santiago, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

Sarkisyan was arrested in October in connection with stalking the 38-year-old woman as well as a separate case regarding a theft at Nordstrom Rack, according to Glendale police.

He reportedly met the Glendale woman during an appraiser course in April in Glendale.


Sarkisyan’s encounter with the woman quickly became an obsession for him.

The next six months were difficult for the woman as he flooded her with unwelcome gifts, visited her workplace and caused disturbances in front of her coworkers, police said.

Sarkisyan reportedly followed her and her family around the city.

He also entered her home through a window to profess his love for her, police said.


In another incident, he reportedly crashed his vehicle into the rear and sides of her car and demanded she stop when she refused to talk to him.

His behavior toward the woman became increasingly violent over time.

He reportedly threatened to kill her if she refused to see him.

Then in September, police said Sarkisyan went to the woman’s home, pushed the front door open and grabbed her.

He eventually pushed her away, but he reportedly had grabbed her hard enough to leave red marks on her arms.

The next day, the woman attended a church service in North Hollywood, where Sarkisyan suddenly appeared and began harassing her, police said.

He reportedly threw a water bottle at her. The incident prompted her to obtain a protective order to keep him away.

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