L.A. County will pay for repairs on Glendale park trail damaged during La Tuna fire


Los Angeles County will foot the bill to repair a park trail in Glendale that was damaged during the La Tuna fire earlier this month, officials said.

Several hundred yards of the Seven Trees Trail in Brand Park were damaged after firefighters brought in tractors and bulldozers to create a firebreak in order to halt the La Tuna fire’s spread into the city. Onnig Bulanikian, the city’s director of community services and parks, said no city funds will be used for the repairs.

“Everything is going to be paid for by the disaster fund,” he said, referring to money and resources freed up by the state to address the La Tuna fire after Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency due to the blaze.

The damage consisted primarily of tread marks left by vehicles used by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Several park benches that were damaged will also be replaced.

Bulanikian said the trail is still usable, and the city has not received any complaints from residents outside of a notification from a citizen that a bulldozer remained on-site.

“It’s between life and property or the trail,” he said. “By Los Angeles County Fire coming in [to create the firebreak], it prevented the fire from coming all the way down into Brand [Park].”

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