Once again a car crashes into a ‘Welcome to Glendale’ sign


A sign welcoming motorists to Glendale stood undamaged for almost a year and a half until Friday morning when a car crashed into the concrete marker, and the vehicle flipped onto its roof.

The crash occurred sometime around 9 a.m. near Foothill Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue. The impact caused the car to flip over and cracked the sign in two.

“The sign is pretty much destroyed,” Dan Bell, a city spokesman, said. “We’ve cordoned it off and secured the location. We’ll be assessing the damage further in the coming days.”

Bell added that no injuries were reported from the crash in what he calls a “good testament to wearing a seat belt.”

The marker was one of two “Welcome to Glendale” signs installed in late 2017 along Foothill. The other, installed near Lowell Avenue, was removed in December after being struck by motorists in three separate incidents.

The first crash at Lowell occurred a month after the sign’s installation in a hit-and-run collision where the driver fled from the scene on foot. The sign was repaired and, five-months later, a 78-year-old man drove into it after making an illegal lane change.

That incident prompted city officials to install additional safety measures around both signs, including reflective pavement markers and safety stripes. However, the Lowell sign was knocked down a third time in late November by a male driver who was arrested at the scene for driving under the influence.

The last crash at Lowell led city officials to remove the sign.

The Pennsylvania marker was left up because it hadn’t been damaged by any crashes until now.

Bell said it’s unknown if city officials will remove the sign or repair it since “all options are on the table” in regards to its fate.

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