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City of Glendale could absorb roughly $850K in unclaimed checks, deposits

<p>About $850,000 will be transferred to the city of Glendale’s General Fund on June 4 if nearly 500 checks and deposits aren’t claimed by their respective recipients or depositors.

The city’s Finance Department has been holding the checks and deposits, which are three or more years past their issue date.

A state code requires the city to publish a public notice, listing the unclaimed amounts between 45 and 60 days before the money becomes the city’s property.

“We have to do this so if people think they’re owed money, or maybe they don’t know they’re owed money, they have the opportunity to look it up,” said Dan Bell, the city’s spokesman.


The unclaimed deposits total $789,398 and are 100% from construction projects, according to Bell.

For example, anyone who pulled a demolition or grading permit had to put down a deposit that was based on the size of the project.

Nearly 227 individuals or companies didn’t come back for the money they deposited — including sums as large as $30,000, according to city officials.

Of the 234 unclaimed checks, totaling $61,042, 95% to 99% are related to utility bills, Bell said.


Many of them are customers’ account deposits that the city hasn’t been able to successfully refund, he said.

A list of the unclaimed checks and deposits, including the names of recipients and depositors and the amounts owed, can be found on the city’s website.

Anyone who thinks they have a right to the funds can file a claim with the city’s Finance Department, located at 141 N. Glendale Ave., Room 346, Glendale, or, again, on the city’s website.

The form must include the claimant’s name, address, amount of claim and the grounds on which the claim is founded, according to a city notice.

Questions can be directed to the Finance Department’s accounts Payable division at (818) 548-3907.

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