letter Santo N. Marino

This letter is in response to Joe Camicia's (Charter's public

relations representative) letter regarding wire service plan for


As always the case with Charter Communications, it addresses the good

it sometimes does, as opposed to the bad and the ugly, which seems to

occur more often than not.

Many months ago, before the News-Press and City Council became

involved in questioning the wire charge, I noticed the 95 cent charge on

my bill an called Charter Communications to inquire about it. I

ascertained it was not mandatory to be charged for this service so I

immediately had them cancel it. The point I want to make here is that

Charter Communications never articulated on their bill or insert that

this charge would be forthcoming. It just magically happened.

Mr. Camicia, Pacific Bell at least had the courtesy to notify

customers prior to implementing their wire charge. How many customers to

this day are still paying for a service they never rally wanted or

needed? Ninety-five cents may not seem like much, however, multiply it

times the number of customers Charter has and it suddenly becomes quite


In another example, Charter Communications notified everyone that the

digital converter box would be required after a certain date in order to

receive premium channel service. The date came and went and I along with

many customers chose not to upgrade to the digital service. My bill

arrived and, sure enough, I was charged the higher digital service rate.

I called the business office and, as usual, spoke with someone who had no


I asked for a supervisor or manager and was advised no one was

available, which by the way is the norm. The matter was finally resolved

when I appeared in person at their offices on San Fernando Road.

These are but two examples of Charter Communications inefficiency in

the way they service their customers and in their bottom line philosophy

of squeezing them for every cent they can get. The list could go on, but

why bother.

Let's face it, Charter Communications is the only game in town and

they know it. So does Mr. Camicia.

Santo N. Marino

La Crescenta

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