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Chamlian wins big in science competition

Alecia Foster

LA CRESCENTA -- Areg Hayrapetian’s eyes lit up as he explained his

science project: “The Effect of the Number of Divisions on the Accuracy

of the Area.”


It’s a mouthful to say and a bit complicated to explain but

Hayrapetian did so with ease.

“I like mathematics,” he said with a smile.

The seventh-grader was one of four students at Chamlian Armenian


School who won in the 51st annual Los Angeles County Science Fair.

Hayrapetian took third place in mathematics, while Maral Der

Sarkissian took first in chemistry, Shant Krikorian took first in physics

and astronomy, and Lara Injeyan captured first in engineering research.

The winners will advance to the state competition on May 21 and 22,

where Chamlian students have fared well during past years.

Last year, Injeyan won first place -- the sixth time the school had

placed first or second at the state level.


Injeyan returned to the 2001 competition with a different project,

“Cross-talk in Wavelength Division Multiplexed Optical Fibers.”

At the county competition, Chamlian students went up against 1,000

other middle and high school students, which can be nerve-racking.

“It’s usually not as bad as you think,” said Krikorian, who presented

a project titled: Finding Plank’s Constant Using the Photoelectric


The others agreed.


“It usually comes out being easier,” said Der Sarkissian, who

participated in the chemistry portion of the competition with her

project, Le Chatelier’s Principle.

Five students at the school received honorable mention: Mosi

Joohanian, Kristopher Karaian, Narineh Karaian, Niree Perian and Diana