With 500 Glendale residents on hand to honor our country's heroes, the

Memorial Day ceremony at City Hall served as a powerful and sober -- as

well as unifying -- reminder.

Memorial Day emotions can vary from person to person. Pride, pity,

love and longing can all be experienced at once. Glendale's touching

tribute and all those who took part -- from master of ceremonies Larry

Zarian to the playing of Taps by the 40th Infantry Division California

Army National Guard Band -- presented a a heartfelt and introspective


Those who organized the program and all those who showed their

appreciation by attending were left with a truly memorable day of

honoring those who died fighting for our country.


Felling pretty confident? There's a good chance 12-year-old Eugene

Ivanov would be willing to cut you down to size -- from the opposite side

of a chess board.

Ivanov was one of more than 150 young competitors to take part in

ChessMatch 2001 at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. These youngsters

don't take their game lightly.

Competitive chess can take incredible concentration and dedication, as

well as some well-designed strategy. Tournaments such give an excellent

opportunity to see some brilliant young minds at work.

It also gives many children an outlet for their gamesmanship.

"Probably chess is the way for his communication and expression of

himself," Silvia Sarkissian said of her 5-year-old son Boris, who speaks

very little, but seems to only win on the chess table.



After 23 months, the misdemeanor trial of a Glendale Police spokesman

for threatening his wife with a gun finally seems to have reached its


Chahe Keuroghelian, a civilian employee of the police, was arrested in

July 1999. He was accused of brandishing a firearm -- for which he was

convicted -- as well as battery on his then-wife and one of his sons --

charges he was acquitted of by a jury last month.

The spokesman has been on paid administrative leave since August, when

an investigation that has led to 22 misdemeanor charges being leveled

against him for alleged violations of the Immigration Consultants Act in

a business he operated separate from his police duties.

Keuroghelian was sentenced to the mandatory 90 days -- either in jail

or under house arrest -- which is the same sentence offered earlier in a

plea bargain. He remains on paid administrative leave and police

officials have not announced any changes in the $4,200 pay continuing.

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