'Scary, tasteful, but never gross'

Karen S. Kim

GLENDALE -- A skeletal corpse with yellowed teeth, ratty blond hair

and a sinister grin scratches its gnarled fingers against the window of a

black, horse-drawn hearse in Bill Williams front yard.

The Glendale resident pulls out all the stops each year to decorate

his home for Halloween, always trying to make it look "scary, tasteful,

but never gross."

Williams said, "I've been doing this kind of thing for years, and

every year it gets a little more elaborate."

Williams' yard at 812 Green St. has been transformed into an

old-fashioned graveyard.

Corpses spill out of an ornamented hearse, a skeleton princess --

dressed all in white -- floats back and forth in Williams' picture

window, a sideyard is covered with tombstones, and corpses continually

attempt to claw their way out of a tall, white mausoleum in front of the


And the ghouls are motorized, so they move eerily in the glow of stage


"I just have this passion for it," said Williams, 38. "I've been into

doing Halloween things since I was a kid."

Williams, who works for a Burbank graphics company, built many of the

props in his yard himself, including the hearse and the mausoleum.

Williams' house is just one of 37 houses and businesses in Glendale

that were recognized this year by the Committee for a Clean and Beautiful


"We want to encourage residents to decorate their houses and by doing

so, they kind of feel a part of that whole neighborhood feeling, and it

gets them involved," said Elena Magardomyan, public education specialist

for the city's Neighborhood Services Department.

The department runs the recognition program.

The top houses were filmed by the department and will appear for one

week on Charter Communications channel 6 starting Monday, every day at 8

a.m., and at 8 p.m. Monday, Thursday and Sunday.


1015 Gesell St.

3605 Roselawn Ave.

3601 2nd Ave.

3917 Ferntree St.

510 Whiting Woods Road

670 Glenmore Blvd.

2445 Sleepy Hollow Drive

811 Kenneth Road

429 W. Wilson Ave.

435 Ivy St.

537 Concord St.

430 W. Wilson Ave.

425 W. Wilson Ave.

440 W. Wilson Ave.

458 W. Wilson Ave.

716 South St.

1027 Glenwood Road

1254 Graynold Ave.

1616 Grandview Ave.

1610 Grandview Ave.

1166 Irving Ave.

1523 Kenneth Road

647 Palm Drive

334 Allen Ave.

3310 Honolulu Ave.

3794 Cloud Ave.

3068 Sycamore Ave.

1718 Verdugo Road

3775 El Lado Drive

3872 Cederbend Drive

3944 El Lado Drive

3839 El Lado Drive

1400 Royal Blvd.

1510 El Rito Drive Twigs & Things, 2266 Honolulu Ave.

Critters, 2277 Honolulu Ave.

Crescenta Valley Flower Mart, 2900 Foothill Blvd.

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