Animal adoption show is back

Tim Willert

CITY HALL -- Nearly three months after being pulled from the air

waves, "The Dog House" is returning with a new pair of co-hosts.

The Glendale Humane Society's popular pet adoption program will return

to GTV6, the city's government access station, beginning Dec. 3, city

spokesman Ritch Wells said Friday.

"'The Dog House' is one of our most popular programs," Wells said.

"Anybody who loves animals loves the program."

Co-hosting the show will be former mayor Ginger Bremberg and former

city treasurer Betty Evans.

Bremberg, who has adopted four dogs from the shelter, is the Humane

Society's newest board member. Evans has accepted the shelter's board


"[City Councilman] Dave Weaver set some pretty high standards for that

program, and I hope I can live up to them," Bremberg said. "I'll try real

hard to get all the animals adopted."

Weaver, the show's founder, was host from 1997 until earlier this

year, when a majority of the council voted to prohibit a councilman from

hosting the show.

Critics claimed Weaver used the show for political gain, a charge he

continues to refute.

"Anything that helps the animals I'm for," Weaver said Friday,

referring to the show's return. "People just don't realize how valuable

that show was to the city."

Weaver was replaced by Leslie Eppick, the shelter's former executive

director and a show co-host.

Eppick steered the show until she was placed on administrative leave

in September after allegations of mismanagement and animal abuse were

leveled at the shelter.

The 30-minute program will be taped every other week on Mondays, Wells


It will air at least twice a day, seven days a week, he said, adding

that time slots have yet to be determined.

Each program features 16 different animals, including dogs and cats,

along with background information.

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