Letter -- Albert Abkarian

For the past few months, I have come to see that Charter

Communications is a dangerous monopoly in Glendale. I must begin by

saying that I currently have a lawsuit against Charter Communications,

and my statements are definitely biased. However, I am also a subscriber

to both their local cable and their Internet connection. Except for

satellite, which does not have the local cable channels, Charter has a

monopoly in town and there is nothing we can do about their power.

Until now. Their franchise licensing agreement with the city is up for

renewal in 2003.

The Federal Communications Commission has control over the local cable

companies. The Glendale City Council could only renew the licensing

franchise agreement between the parties. However, once the agreement is

signed, the City Council has no control over the rates or the charges.

The maximum rates and charges are regulated by the federal government.

I asked the City Council to look at other alternative cable companies.

I know that there is at least one other cable company interested in doing

business in Glendale. It is unwise not to strongly pursue the other

company to promote competition in Glendale among cable providers. This

will force companies to reduce cable rates to compete.

If you have any complaints about Charter Communications, you could

first file a complaint with the City Council before filing a complaint

with the FCC.

In addition, I ask the City Council not to negotiate any extension of

Charter Communications' contract, which will run out in the year 2003.

The City Council should call hearings and listen to the numerous

complaints about Charter Communications and their business conduct prior

to making a final decision in allowing this monopoly to continue to do

business in Glendale. No one should be taken hostage by a monopoly in any




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