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Letter -- Shirley Griffin

It is such a relief! The other day, I read in the News-Press about how

the crime rate in our city is much lower than before, and I am very proud

of our law enforcement in this city.

It is time to commend Chief of Police Russell Silverling and his


police force for such a great job in handling the safety and protection

of our citizens.

The police report section of the News-Press is very valuable

information as to what is going on in this city, besides the larger


crimes that are in the news. It gives us information on crimes that are

not easily noticed but exist, such as car smashing of windows, drug

smokers, drivers without licenses, shoplifting, assaults, etc. Please

read this column each day, and you will know what is going on in our

neighborhoods, and please report them.

Thanks to our groups of crime prevention, Neighborhood Watch and those

individuals who watch for these happenings and report them immediately to

police authorities.


I want to thank Chief Silverling for giving us a safe city to live in

and enjoy. He attends to your problems and replies. I know it. I wrote

him about a concern in my neighborhood and he immediately solved my


You asked us not to be shy to express our thoughts. This is an

important one because it shows our appreciation for work done by our

government officials.