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Letter -- Claudia Finks

I know exactly how those tenants must feel. I am very happy that there

is a group of people fighting their landlord. We had a similar problem on

our property. Our apartment was underwater three times until the landlord

repaired it, and I have documentation and pictures.


After we complained, the landlord raised our rent by $145 and we could do nothing about it. We refused for several months to pay, but ended up

paying anyway. Not to mention that we were told there will be a rent

increase this year again for at least $100.

There are definitely double standards in the city of Glendale. Our


landlord cannot rent out to Section 8 tenants without fixing the

apartments. But the rest of us have to pay for bad conditions. What is

that all about? The apartments are not good enough for Section 8, but OK

for the rest of the tenants.

Glendale needs rent control. Landlords are out of control. If this was

Los Angeles the story would be different, as the L.A. government would

take care of such issues ASAP.