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Letter -- Frank Drewe

The News-Press is gloating over the Armenian trade bill “clearing

another hurdle” in the state Senate.

This bill, which was authored by liberal State Sen. Jack Scott, will

establish a California trade office in Armenia -- at a cost to


California’s taxpayers that nobody knows -- but it does create a

wonderful atmosphere for Scott to get more votes from Armenians in

Glendale. What a deal!

This is just another “pork barrel” project, however, which liberal


politicians use frequently to build support among minorities. In order to

get this trade bill passed, Scott will have to make deals with other

Democrats, in order to get them to vote for this bill, which is supposed

to benefit Glendale.

Those politicians will, of course, demand that Scott also vote for

more “pork” in each of their districts, as you know.

So, no matter how small a cost figure Scott places on this pork-barrel

project (when the state is in such a desperate state financially), this


cost must be multiplied by the additional “pork” from 24 or more

Democrats in the state Senate, who will have helped him by voting for

this absurd bill. And guess who pays for all this pork?

All these other Democrats who have never seen a spending bill they

didn’t love, will want their “pork” voted on, too! Can you imagine Scott

saying no to that?

This is how the government works when liberals control it -- as they

do now in California.