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Timeline of Armenian Genocide

Karen S. Kim

The following events led up to and represented the Armenian Genocide,

in which 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Turkish forces.

July 1908


* Intellectual, political, military leaders orchestrate Young Turk

Revolution and oust Sultan Abdul Hamid, who had been responsible for a

number of Armenian massacres.



* Ultranationalists within Young Turk government stage military coup,

suspend constitution and install military dictatorship.

August 1914

* World War I begins, Entente Powers -- Great Britain, France and

Russia -- begin invading Turkey, which sides with Germany,

Austria-Hungary in the war.

December 1914

* Armenians are suspected of collusion with the Russian army, which is


invading Turkey from the northeast.

February 1915

* About 100,000 Armenian soldiers are removed from Turkish army,

disarmed, placed in labor battalions and eventually killed through

exhaustion, starvation and murder.

April 1915 * About 5,000 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders are

arrested, imprisoned and murdered.

May 1915 * Convoys of Armenians are removed from homes and villages and forced


to march south with whatever belongings they can carry through dangerous

mountain terrain. They were given little food, rest or protection from

frequent attacks.

October 1918

* Armistice is signed between Turkey and Allies that releases

Armenians back to their homes.

November 1918

* General Armistice declared between Central Powers and Allies.