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Letter -- William Vasquez

Re: parking variance for Starbucks on Burchett and Pacific.

Much ado about nothing has been made of the parking situation at the

Starbucks Coffee at Burchett and Pacific, and I guess I shouldn’t be

surprised that only a handful of outspoken individuals have created


another typical political and media feeding frenzy for the city of


As someone who has lived in Glendale for nearly 20 years and worked in

various locations within the city for nearly 25 years, I have seen a lot


of changes, some good and some not so good, but the fact remains that we

are a major metropolitan city that continues to grow and whose

demographics continue to change with this growth. The business

establishments located at this now-controversial corner are ones that we,

as residents of this fine city, should be happy to have.

Starbucks is a Fortune 500 company that markets to upscale, urban

consumers that spend money in other local establishments, attracts other

companies to do business here, and helps provide the robust economy that


we enjoy here in Glendale. Would those opposed to the presence of this

establishment rather see another fast-food restaurant, convenience or

liquor store in its place? I doubt it.

I watched the hearing held April 10. The fact is, a majority of the

neighbors in the area are in favor of Starbucks’ presence, along with

hundreds of local Glendale citizens. Let’s not throw out the baby with

the bath water by revoking the parking variance already granted by the

city of Glendale.