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Letter -- Tim Kemp

“Are they worth it?” (“Council wants a pay raise,” May 25-26):

Absolutely not. If they think they are working to hard or do not want

to do this type of work, then get out. Why should they get any more money

for what they do? They say they are working more hours. Are they? Even if


they are, they knew what they were doing when they went into this job,

and as I said before, if they don’t want the job, there are a lot of

people to take their place.

Glendale already is charging too much for energy bills that other


cities and counties don’t charge. They tack on an additional charge of

90% of your total utilities usage that you actually use and put it under

“fuel adjustment.” No other city or county does this. It is like you are

paying double what you use in utilities. And you really are. What is

this? Why isn’t this being investigated?

I am moving out of the Glendale area as soon as I can, and a lot of

other people I know are going to do the same. They rip you off and try to

hide it under “fuel adjustment.” It’s just like Gov. Davis starting to


tax “small business” a minimum of $800 if you do business here in

California, even though you are incorporated in another state. If you

don’t make a penny, he states you have to pay the $800. He started this

for the tax year 2001.

This is the first time this has happened. But he won’t let anyone know

about this. Another tax increase, but not disclosed to the public. We

have to clean up Davis’ mess, but at least he can tell the public how he

is going about taxing different groups of people. But this, he wants to



Again, why aren’t these issues being investigated and being aired by

the press?

Thanks for listening to me. But I know, as other people know, this

will be as far as this message or e-mail gets.