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Letter -- Ron Shelton

Father Joseph Shea appeared on “Larry Zarian Forum” and blamed the

current crisis in the Catholic Church on gay Americans, rather than

accepting responsibility for the actions of the Catholic Church. This is

an old PR tactic -- shift blame and attack an unpopular group, and hope


no one notices where the real responsibility lies.

Child abuse, as an issue, has nothing to do with gay Americans. Almost

all pedophiles are heterosexual. The current crisis exists because the

church fathers chose to engage in cover-ups and payoffs when they


encountered child abuse, rather than call police -- something every other

decent person would do. They committed a criminal conspiracy against the

children of America. This is the real story.

Nor should this surprise anyone with an understanding of history. The

story of the Catholic Church across the centuries -- from its destruction

of the Roman libraries, to the burning of “sodomites,” to the drowning of

“witches,” to the inquisition against the Spanish Moors, to its silence

in the face of the Nazi destruction of the Jews -- is all established


fact. This is just one more ugly chapter in the history of a corrupt


Father Shea subtly recognizes this with his comment, “I don’t think

that one should go on a witch hunt.” Wherever did he get the idea of a

“witch hunt”?