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Following in his father’s career footsteps

Karen S. Kim

Hans Martin and his son, Freddy, aren’t too disappointed that they

won’t be able to spend Father’s Day together, because almost every

other day of the week, most of their waking hours are spent


underneath the same roof -- Glendale Adventist Medical Center.

The Martins are nurses.

Hans Martin, 67, is a 43-year veteran in the field who now serves

as the administrative director for all operative services at the



Freddy Martin, 42, has been working for six years in the critical

care unit at Glendale Adventist.

And though both of Freddy Martin’s parents and maternal

grandparents were nurses, no one ever thought he would follow in his

father’s footsteps.

“It took him a long time,” Hans Martin said. “When he first went

to college and didn’t know what to take, I said, ‘Why don’t you go


into nursing?’ At that time, he didn’t really want to.”

But Hans Martin said he didn’t push.

“I’m a firm believer that you don’t necessarily have to want your

kids to do the same thing you did,” he said.

“Kids need to choose their own careers.”

So Hans Martin waited a long time for his son to settle into a

field. Freddy Martin spent several years working in other jobs and

traveling before he chose to go into nursing.


“Even though my family has a nursing background, I don’t think I

went into nursing because of that,” Freddy Martin said. “Because I

like to travel, I wanted something where wherever I went, I could get

a job. Besides, nursing is a very fulfilling profession. I really

think we can make a difference.”

Both dressed in scrubs -- Hans in solid blue, Freddy sporting a

patterned ensemble -- father and son said working in the same field

and hospital has brought them closer.

“We have more to talk about now,” Freddy Martin said. “I

understand his job better, and I know he understands my job better

than I do.”

Hans Martin chimed in, “In fact, sometimes I have to tell him,

‘Let’s talk about something else.’”

But while Hans Martin is very proud that his son has chosen to

follow in his footsteps, he said he would have been proud no matter