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Sex offender specifics to be posted online

Gretchen Hoffman

People concerned that registered sex offenders might be living in

their community will soon have another way to find out -- the



The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to add a

map to the county Web site that would show the general locations of

where sex offenders live. They unanimously approved the proposal by

Supervisor Michael Antonovich.


“Empowering the public with this vital information provides a

powerful tool for public safety and allows parents to protect their

families,” Antonovich said in a press release. “Our children must be

allowed to play in their neighborhoods without fear of abduction or


The color-coded map, which is expected to be up on the site within

30 days, will have an index of serious and high-risk sex offenders

searchable by zip code, address, schools and parks. High-risk


offenders have been convicted of at least one violent sex crime.

Serious offenders have been convicted of such crimes as an assault

with the intent to commit child molestation.

Parents would then need to go to a police station to get more

information, including the offenders’ names, picture, description and

rap sheet, from a Megan’s Law computer. Access is offered at the

Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station and the Glendale Police

headquarters and Montrose and Glendale Adventist substations.


“Parents have to take the next step,” said Tony Bell, a spokesman

for Antonovich.

The city of San Diego has a similar map on its Web site, and 25

states have Megan’s Law data online. California law prohibits the

names of sex offenders from being posted on the Internet but allows

the public to get the information from law enforcement agencies.

Exact addresses are not revealed.

“It’s scary, but with the proper facts, parents can keep their

children safe,” Bell said.