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A cast of 12 lined the...

A cast of 12 lined the auditorium stage at Glendale’s Central

Public Library this weekend for a live, radio drama performance

reminiscent of the days when radio was the main source of information

and entertainment. The California Artists Radio Theatre Company


hosted a special event Saturday to celebrate 80 years of radio

broadcasting in Glendale. Performers took turns acting out scenes

from stories like “Treasure Island,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,”

“Alice in Wonderland” and “Twelfth Night.” Live performances from the


group were mixed with excerpts from original broadcasts. The event,

organized by the theater company’s Executive Director Peggy Webber,

also commemorated the addition of the library’s newest acquisition of

a series of audio books and radio broadcasts done in Glendale.

Saturday’s performance featured the voice and acting talents of Ian

Abercrombe, Paul Baker, Leslie Easterbrook, Samantha Eggar, John

Harlan, Linda Henning, Paul Keith, Martin Maguire, Sean McClory, Tom

Williams, William Windom and Webber. Library records show that


Glendale’s first radio station was KFAC, which was operated by the

Glendale Daily Press at 222 S. Brand Blvd.