Someone our city leaders should emulate

Following up on your article on Glendale residents' reactions to the

passing of President Ronald Reagan, I wanted to add my two bits. As a

young reporter, I interviewed Reagan in 1975 for KNBC-TV's "Saturday

Show." During our few minutes together, he taught me much, not the

least of which was how to be a good reporter.

This time, I was a good witness as I paid my respects in front of

President Reagan's flag-draped casket at the Reagan Library in Simi

Valley on June 8. As I and the other visitors filed past the casket,

an elderly man made the sign of the cross. A middle-aged woman craned

her neck for one last look back. A guard thanked us for coming.

Gratitude cards were distributed by library staff as we got ready to

board the buses back to Moorpark College, where our cars were parked.

It was a moving afternoon that I was able to share with some

106,000 other visitors who came over two days. Now, why can't some of

our city leaders conduct themselves in the statesman-like manner of

President Reagan?



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