Cubs 9 - Cards 7

The Cubs won their last game before the playoffs winning 9 to 7 over the Cardinals. Ryan Muller went 4-for-4, 4 RBIs and pitched two innings, Justin Sciarra had two hits, three runs and one inning, and Joey Orlandini had two hits and three RBIs. Dom Orlandini pitched three strong innings. (Coach Sciarra) No Report. (Coach Murphy)

Giants 4 - Yankees 3

In a tightly-contested, regular season finale, the Giants scored two runs in the bottom of the seventh inning on back-to-back hits by Chris White and Eric Smith, to win 4-3. David Lee matched Tyler Rallis' brilliant effort on the mound, with the game tied 2-2 after four innings. Leading the Giants' offense was Chris Clary (a towering home run to tie the game in the fourth, two base on balls, and a run scored), White (three hits and a run scored), Smith (two hits, including the game-winning RBI), Lee (one hit and a run scored), John Borlund (one hit), Conner Oakes (one hit), Rob Seibly (one base on balls), and Milos Tasic (scoring the tying run in the bottom of the seventh). (Coach White) The Yankee's season finale almost ended on a great note, with stellar pitching from Tyler Rallis and Garrett Gray. Gray and Rallis also helped their cause with their bats, with support coming from Jonathan Marsh, AJ Kim, Zack Ward, Eric Solberg, Eric Wagner, and Keaton Herzer. Eric Larsen also provided defensive support throughout the game. In a hard fought battle, the Yankees came up one run short in a 4-3 loss. (Coach Rallis)

Angels 1 - Dodgers 0

Dodgers forfeited to Angels. (Coach Lipscomb)

A's 14 - Mariners 5

The A's closed the season with hot bats, scoring 14 runs and winning the game. (Coach McGlashan)

Giants 4 - Yankees 3

In the second one-run game against the Yankees in the last three days, the Giants' Ian Donnelly scored the winning run in the bottom of the seventh, and the Giants advanced in the playoffs winning 4-3. In a pitchers' duel, the Yankees' Tyler Rallis pitched a dominating seven innings giving up only three hits, while striking out seven. For the Giants, Chris White and Eric Smith combined for a two-hitter, while striking out six. The key at-bat of the game came in the bottom of the seventh with Milos Tasic drawing a walk with two outs, setting up Donnelly's game-winning run. The Giants tied the game in the bottom of the sixth, 3-3, on a two-strike, two-out line drive up the middle by Chris Clary, scoring Smith. Additionally, John Borlund led the Giants with two hits, while scoring a run. Also scoring was Rob Seibly, who walked twice. (Coach White)

Angels 9 - Mariners 8

The Angels rallied, took the lead and held on to win a thriller. For the Angels, Charlie Chavarin singled, scored a run, and pitched a strong last four innings, Tom Flewelling hammered two doubles and scored twice, Casey Feldmeth hit a double, scored a run and made several fine plays at shortstop, Casey Stewart singled, and made a game saving line drive catch at second base, Will Omokawa singled, and scored a run, Josh Anderson singled and made two great outfield catches, Brandon Hammerli, singled and scored, and Pierce Hutchens, returning from an illness, drew three walks, and scored twice. (Coach Lipscomb)

A's - Cards

No report filed.

Cubs- Dodgers

No report filed.


Red Sox 15 - Cards 10

As the evening sky darkened on Tuesday, the Red Sox lit up the plate in the sixth inning with five runs, ending a seesaw battle with the Cardinals, 15-10. As usual, the Cards played tough defense but ran out of steam offensively in the last inning. Jake Borlund continued to show impressive bat skills, getting on base in all four visits to the plate, and Scott Stetson went 3-for-4. Alex Bledsoe hit one of the hardest balls of the day, reaching second on a screaming line drive. First baseman Chris Louk once again played steady as a rock, stretching to pull in tricky infield throws. The Cardinals vowed to show their hidden strengths in the playoffs. (Coach Borlund) The Red Sox scored seven runs in the last two innings to overcome a 10-8 deficit and beat the Cardinals 15-10. For the Red Sox, Trent Jones had two doubles and two singles and pitched the last two innings holding the Cards scoreless. Josh Hanson had two doubles and a single and pitched four strong innings. Matthew Orr scored the winning run after leading off with a single in the final inning and caught a fly ball deep in center for the first out of the final inning. Tim Kim had a double and a single and, with two men on, made a heads-up double play on a ground ball to second to end the game. Jack Depew also had a double and a single, and Chris Curtis had two singles. Alex Reed was flawless behind the plate and drove in a crucial insurance run. (Coach Jones)

Mariners 8 - Yankees 6

Each of the Mariners contributed to the M's hard fought victory over the dreaded Yankees, 8-6. Andrew Blunk tripled, went 2-for-2 and drove in one run. Gabe Villalobos doubled and scored twice. Michael Knopf singled twice and tripled to drive in three runs. In addition to his two RBIs on two singles, Greg Stratz made an important catch in right field and also threw out a Yankee from right field to first base on a struck ball that otherwise would have been a single. Benjamin Slyngstad held the Yankees' lineup to one run in the first four innings of the game as the Mariners took a lead they never relinquished. Kathryn Reynolds and Knopf pitched the balance of the game for the Mariners as the Yankees' rallies fell short in the late innings. (Coach Slyngstad) The first three innings was a pitching duel between the Mariners "Ace" Benjamin Slyngstad (who struck out seven in four innings) and Yankee starter Johnny Moe, as the Mariners scored two and the Yankees scored one. With the entry of the Yankee's middle relief, the Mariners scored six runs in the fourth and fifth innings, including a triple to the fence by Michael Knopf, but the Yankees kept it close by scoring two runs in the fifth inning. Neither Mariner "fireball" closing pitcher Michael Knopf nor Yankee closer Mark Saatzer gave up a run in the sixth inning, with both pitchers striking out two. In the top of the seventh, Knopf struck out the first two Yankee batters, but then Saatzer (who went 3-for-4) got a single, Moe (who went 4-for-4) hit a home run, Krasner (who went 2-for-3) reached first on a dropped third strike and John Love (who went 2-for-4) got a double, bringing the Yankees within two with the tying run at the plate, before the sure-fielding Knopf caught a fly ball to preserve the Mariners' win. (Coach Moe)

Diamondbacks 22 - Angels 11

Breaking out late rather than never, the Diamondback bats erupted for a 22-11 win to knock the Angels out of first place in the American League. Kyle McDonald hit five times in five at bats, and scored four runs. Nick Mizrahi scored twice and doubled. Aidan Apel scored twice and had a double and two singles, and Will Guthrie scored four runs. The Diamondbacks played in their last regular game with the fire and ability their coaches knew that they had. (Coach Tobias)

Rangers 12 - Dodgers 10

The Dodgers' final game was highlighted by the pitching of Matthew DeCoste, Matthew Amico, Tyler Stenzel, Robert Schneider, Griffin Longo and Paul Lee. Matthew DeCoste also started a double play from his third base position and Robert Schneider made a shoe string catch in the outfield. (Coach Kendall)

Phillies 7 - Mariners 6

The Mariners fell a run short against the Phillies, losing 7-6 in their final game of the regular season. Benjamin Slyngstad led the American League champions with two home runs that drove home all six runs. He also struck out eight in three scoreless innings pitched. Michael Chung, Arlen Gharibian, Greg Stratz and Andrew Blunk batted themselves on base for the M's. (Coach Slyngstad) In a tight, well fought game, the Phillies outlasted the Mariners, 7-6. Once again the Phillies were led by strong pitching with Peter Chodas, Matt O'Brien and Sam Baldwin each turning in an excellent performance. With the game on the line, Scott Gray pitched the seventh and held the Mariners scoreless. Defensively, Keith Enterante made several outstanding plays at first to help save the game. At the plate, Matt Alegria led the way with a home run, double and three RBIs. Max Reed's bat continued to heat up with two hits and two RBIs. Enterante also chipped in with two hits. The Phillies finished the season 11-2 with the second best record in the Bronco Division. (Coach Markowitz)

Diamondbacks 23 - Red Sox 5

For the first round of the playoffs, the Diamondbacks defeated the Red Sox 23-5. The game was tight through the first three innings but injuries to the Red Sox pitching staff gave the Diamondbacks the opening they needed to progress to the second round of the playoffs. (Coach Tobias)

Cards 17 - Dodgers 7

The Cards defeated the Dodgers 17-7 in a first round playoff game despite two towering home runs and seven RBIs by the Dodgers' Ryan Zomorodi. Griffin Longo had three hits. The Dodgers simply ran into a better fielding Cardinal team. (Coach Kendall) Where did those bats come from? After experiencing lumber slumber as the regular season ended, the Cardinals woke up themselves and their hitting abilities early Saturday morning, knocking in seven first inning runs to best the Dodgers. The Dodgers showed some power of their own, tying the game 7-7 by the third inning, but Adam Overgaard's strong pitching and the continued hitting strength throughout the Cards' lineup kept the Dodgers at bay. Ryan Kaul and Derrick Paine showed the importance of patience and paying attention, both reaching base on dropped third strikes and eventually coming home to score. Both boys also had solid singles. Jeremy Culhane also contributed to the score and from center field. (Coach Borlund)

Padres 11 - A's 10 The Padres defeated the A's by a score of 11-10 in a tough playoff game. Whether on defense, offense or both, each and every Padre played great baseball. Terrific infielding by Lance Frame, Sam Taylor, Jack Bowman and Robbie Bierman backed up the strong pitching of Ryan Develle and Jason Yost. Rasheed Akbarut and Adam Skaggs played well in the outfield and at the plate. On to round two. (Coach Dick)

Yankees 12 - Astros 8

The Yankees took a four run lead in the first two innings on hits by Cochise Dobine (who went 3-for-4) and Jamie Krasner (who went 2-for-4), while Yankee starting pitcher Johnny Moe (who would strike out five) and the Yankee defense led by Harry "The Mitt" Kightlinger at third base and Nick Lupica at first base held the Astros scoreless. The Astros then scored four in the third inning and three more in the the fourth inning to take a 7-6 lead on hits by Taylor Martin (who went 3-for-4), Sean Fitzpatrick (who went 4-for-4 including a towering home run) and Keith Becker (who went 3-for-3). But the Yankees scored eight in the final three innings behind a triple and home run by Krasner, a triple and a single by Lupica, two singles by John Love, and a single each by Eric "Clutch" Lieskovsky and Dobine. Closing pitcher Krasner (who struck out three) gave up only one run in three innings, with assistance from right fielder John Love who made a key defensive play throwing out a runner at first, third baseman Kyle Smith who threw out a runner at first and catcher Moe who threw twice to third baseman Kightlinger to put out two Astro runners attempting to steal third. (Coach Moe)Ý

Giants 6 - Angels 4

No report filed.

Phillies 12 - Rangers 0

No report filed.


Heartbreakers 6 - Grizzly Girls 5

Kate Brown and Ana Dewar pitched very well. Ana also had a clutch RBI hit followed by timely hits by Kate Brown and Missy Antonoplis. Monica Pernecky scored the go ahead run in the bottom of the fourth inning. Allie Evans, Willa Young, Allison MacCarly, Katie Matthews, Lauren Schirmer and Angela Fuhrmann all played great defense in the field. (Coach Antonoplis) In a first round playoff thriller, the Heartbreakers came from a five run deficit to win it in the final inning, 6-5. Once again, the Grizzly Girls came out fired up, going up early and almost breaking it open on a line drive by Andie Evans with the bases loaded. However, a fine play by shortstop Ashley Clark turned back the Grizzly Girls. Clutch hitting with two strikes by the Heartbreakers in the third inning was the difference. The Grizzly Girls were led by Stephanie Bathke's two triples and Sarah Olson's two hits. Morgan Fulwood chipped in with a clutch hit and two big runs were scored by Gracie Fraser. It has been a tough but wonderful season for the Grizzly Girls as many new friendships have been made. Good luck to the Heartbreakers! (Coach Bathke)

Stringrays 12 - Red Riptides 11

The Stingray bats started off on fire as Madison Teodo, Brette O'Brien, Maddy Morey, Megan Cornwall, Haley Herkert all hit to lead off the inning, scoring three runs. The Stringrays got seven runs the next inning started off by a leadoff single by Whitney Catalono and a solid at-bat walk to Katherine Propper. In an exciting final inning, down by one run, the Stringrays fought hard to get two runs to take the lead, 12-11. Maddie Morey was able to advance to third on a sacrifice hit by Megan Cornwall. Madison then scored on an RBI single by Haley Herkert. Meghan Fuelling had a good eye, getting on base for the second time in the game. Haley and Meghan advanced to third and second on steals, respectively, as Kelly Barnes walked to load the bases. Haley scored the next run on a fielder's choice off a solid hit by Madison Hathaway. The Red Riptides gave the Stingrays a scare in the bottom of the fourth as Lauren Cox led off and smashed one to center field for a triple for the Tides. She was left stranded however as Megan Cornwall struck out the next three batters to seal the victory. Thanks for a fun and exciting game, Riptides! (Coach Barnes)

Hot Tamales 15 - playoffs 2

The Hot Tamales were hot with strong defensive plays by Lisa Jackson, Payton Parker and Allie Kern. Their strong bats led them to a victory to advance to the next round of the playoffs. (Coach Tobias)

Dodger Girls 11 - Laker Chicks 7

The Dodger Girls won their first playoff game against a tough Laker Chicks team. The Blue Crew played a well-rounded game in winning 11 to 7. (Coach Muller)

Blue M&Ms; - 12 - Kid Klubbers 9

The Blue M&Ms; rallied from a 7-2 deficit to hold off the Kid Klubbers, 12-9. Kelly Truebloods bases clearing double ignited the rally. Janna Johnson, Ali Priess, Amber Martinez and Catherine Horner also delivered key hits. Julia Starr and Julia Jagels scored runs and Sarah Hull had an RBI. Madison White caught two pop ups and Becca Stoker and Alexandra Brown handled the catching duties, with Ashley Fejtek contributing a well placed bunt. (Coach Trueblood) The Kid Klubbers were edged by the Blue M&Ms;, 12-9, in a game that was tied until the bottom of the last inning. Christina Stewart hit a three-run home run which traveled 130 feet on the fly. Celine Aenlle-Rocha drove in two runs to tie the game in the top of the last inning, and Amanda Wojciechowski drove in two runs with a base hit into right-center field. Mimi Spindle was 2-for-2 and Rebecca Villalpando was on base two out of the two times she was up. (Coach McCue)

Drama Queens 16 - Heartbreakers 7

Lizzie Miller of the Drama Queens shut down two early rallies to keep the Heartbreakers off stride. The Heartbreakers never gave up, scoring seven in the fourth, but the Queens pulled away in the end. Cailan Howey had an early double to knock in the first runs. Kendall Millard stroked a bouncing ball for a triple to clear the bases later in the game. Camille Dunn played a solid all around game. Today's web gem was provided by Alexandra Eaton who stopped a sharp slap to third base and gunned down a speedy Kate Brown. (Coach Miller)


Yankees 9 - Dodgers 1

The Yankees played their best game of the season, defeating the Dodgers, 9-1. The key was the Yankees' near-flawless defensive play. The pitching staff (Robby Flewelling, Andrew Bartine, John Hayes, and Christian Terille) combined for seven strikeouts and allowed only three hits and one walk, while the team also pulled down eight fly balls. The fine defense took the pressure off the offense, which allowed the Yankees' bats to crank out nine hits, including doubles by Andrew Bartine, John Hayes, and Markus Liepins. Finally, Daniel Miller extended his hitting streak to seven consecutive games. (Coach Hayes)

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