Do We Need


Hardware Store?

Have you heard the news? Within a few weeks, Kmart is planning to sell their Sunland location to the Home Depot.

It will certainly be a loss to our community. Where else can you run in and buy a set of towels, a sack of dog food, something to wear at the spur of the moment, a pair of shoes and an extension cord? We have nothing else like Kmart up here in the Foothills. Perhaps I could understand if they sold out to Target or something similar, but up here Kmart is all we have.

Using the Kmart location as a starting point, we have Do It Center, 2.72 miles away, OSH, 4.2 miles away; two Home Depot locations-Sylmar 7.18 miles away and North Hollywood 7.57 miles away. We also have True Value Hardware (Anawalt Lumber), Ace Hardware (Foothill Lumber), Foothill Hardware and Merithew Hardware for those of us who are not contractors or construction workers and need some friendly and knowledgeable "how to do it" advice.

When I moved to Sunland from La Crescenta, I was worried that I might lose some customers because they wouldn't want to drive the distance from La Cañada, La Crescenta or Montrose over to Sunland. That didn't happen. In fact, I've had a couple of them say they like to come over here because they can stop at Kmart!

Where will we go now? The Target store in Eagle Rock Plaza or over to Pasadena or Burbank to find everything under one roof?

Do we really need another hardware store? What will happen to the ones we have now?

If you agree with this, there are petitions being passed around, and if you haven't signed one, I would urge you to contact Kmart Corporate Headquarters, 3100 W. Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48084-3163, phone (800) 866-0086, fax (643) 240-1000, or e-mail, and tell them we don't need a hardware store on every corner, but we do need a department store like Kmart in our community. Refer to case no. 506712.

Don't wait. Time is running out.

Phyllis Robinson


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