A Chauvinistic Thought

As I was following a luxury Honda SUV up the hill, I noticed a John Kerry for president sticker and a John Edwards for VP sticker on its bumper.

It was just that morning that Kerry had announced his choice for VP and the sticker was already on this lady's bumper. My thought was that this lady was very well connected with the Kerry campaign in order to have an Edwards sticker so soon.

She turned right and I reminded myself how wise our founding fathers were when women were left off the voting rolls, due to their emotional rather than logical reasoning process. This lady serves as the perfect example of our forefathers' wisdom.

She supports a presidential candidate who wants to take away her SUV for the sake of energy conservation (though he owns one himself). She also supports a VP candidate who, as a trial lawyer, is part of a parasitic group attempting to demonize the SUV in order to create a class-action case to extort huge sums of money from SUV manufacturers. Though their motives may differ, Senator Duller and Senator Greedier both seek the demise of the SUV that this mush-brain lady drives proudly displaying the Kerry/Edwards stickers.

Can I get a really, what, you're kidding, no way Jose or a mamma mia on this line of reasoning?

Yes, folks, chauvinism is alive and well in this writer and I will be quick to provide a chauvinistic moment whenever the need arises. For this SUV lady, I propose a 10-question true or false Kerry/Edwards position quiz. If she can answer 60 percent of the questions she will be allowed to vote. I can just see this lady with that puzzled look wondering if 60 percent is true or false.

Ah, the liberal mind-what a wonderful thing to waste.

Bob Tanabe

La Cañada

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