Crash breaks arm, not spirit


Jackson Bell

A Glendale City Council hopeful is back on the campaign trail after

shattering a bone in his arm in a car crash and undergoing surgery

last week.

Vrej Agajanian, one of 18 candidates vying for a spot on the

council dais, was back to campaigning and hosting his

Armenian-language television show after spending four days in and out

of local hospitals.

“I just missed a few days, and hopefully I can make up for it,”

Agajanian, 53, said. “But I had to come back and continue the

campaigning because this is a precious time and I have to use every

second of it.”

A pick-up truck slammed into the side of his Lexus when he was on

his way to filming his show at about 4:30 p.m. March 9, he said. The

impact crushed his left humerus. The driver of the truck was

uninjured, Agajanian said.

Doctors operated on Agajanian’s arm, putting in metal plates and

screws to help the bone heal properly. He will also wear a cast on

his arm for six to eight weeks.

While recuperating, Agajanian missed two candidate forums and

three broadcasts of his show. Agajanian returned to the airwaves

Sunday and interviewed Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, who was

the first to sign his cast, he said.

“I’m having lots of pain,” Agajanian said. “But I’m back to full


Agajanian said the wreck was not his fault, but he does not plan

to sue the other driver.

Campaign manager Mark A. Lange said Agajanian’s quick return to

the race was an inspiration to his staffers and volunteers.

“He’s came back early and rallied the troops,” Lange said. “If

anything, this was more of a shot in the arm than a break in the arm.

The campaign has been injected with a bit more determination because

of it.”