Glendale Unified School District lunch menu for...

Glendale Unified School District lunch menu for May 31 -- April 6:

TODAY: Hot grilled cheese sandwich, chicken patty on bun, turkey

sandwich, chef salad and flavored yogurt.

WEDNESDAY: ABC vegetable soup and half-turkey sandwich, turkey

corndog, hamburger, ham and cheese on a French roll, taco salad or

flavored yogurt.

THURSDAY: Taco bowl, chicken nuggets, turkey sandwich, chef salad

or flavored yogurt.

FRIDAY: Breaded crunchy shrimp, pepperoni or cheese pizza, hot

grilled cheese sandwich, tuna salad or flavored yogurt and birthday

cup cakes.

MONDAY: Oven-baked chicken (breaded), turkey corn dog, ham and

cheese deli sticks, turkey salad or flavored yogurt.

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