Area reacts to Jackson's acquittal

"For some reason, I knew he was going to make it out not guilty. I

don't know if he didn't do it. It all goes back to him being a

celebrity and what chance would you have if you weren't."

Luis Vasquez, 25, Echo Park

"I wasn't shocked that he was not guilty. What I was shocked about

were that they found him not guilty on the counts of alcohol. I

thought he would be guilty for that."

Artin Grigorian, 32, North Hollywood

"I was really surprised. I honestly thought that he was going to

be found guilty. From the developments of all the other cases he was

involved in I thought he would be guilty. I am a little


Allie Lovich, 20, Tujunga

"I don't think he should have been acquitted, but I expected it.

The system is not as tough on the entertainment industry as it should


Cyndee Norberg, 52, Calabasas

"I don't like it. Any other person with the same charges would

have been convicted. The justice system sucks."

Tony Pino, 36, Arcadia

"This just shows what money is able to do. It was proven with O.J.

[Simpson]. You can buy yourself out of trouble."

Alfonso Murillo, 43, West Covina

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