1. Construction crews cut what kind of...

1. Construction crews cut what kind of utility lines serving West


A. Phone

B. High-speed Internet

C. Water

D. Coffee

2. Irrelevant Week founder Paul Salata found himself where this


A. In Mexico City for an NFL event

B. In the slammer for a good cause

C. Stuck in traffic in a Yugo

D. Speaking before a crowd of Notre Dame alumni

3. What park opened, officially, this week?

A. The Great Park

B. The Volcom Skate Park of Costa Mesa

C. Marinapark

D. City Hall Park of Newport Beach

4. Who of the following is not being named to Orange Coast

College's Alumni Hall of Fame?

A. Former baseball player Brent Mayne

B. Zambia ambassador Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika

C. Clothing designer Paul Frank

D. Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor

5. The Newport Beach Fire Department is looking to add a system to

all its stations that enables what?

A. Visitors to safely slide down the fire poles

B. Firefighters to respond to 911 calls more quickly

C. Fire trucks to park on streets

D. Water pressure in hoses to be monitored

6. Estimates of the cost of a new Newport Beach City Hall suggest

that over 30 years the cost will be about what?

A. $40 million to $50 million

B. $80 million to $100 million

C. $100 million to $120 million

D. $180 million to $200 million

7. The Costa Mesa Planning Commission approved a measure that

would require what be done with trash bins?

A. Have them painted a bright yellow

B. Have them screened from view

C. Have them made transparent

D. Have them banned entirely

8. How many candidates, in the end, are running to replace former

Rep. Chris Cox?

A. 17

B. 18

C. 20

D. 21

9. Boaters in Newport Harbor can now enjoy what from the decks of

their boats?

A. Views of the Pacific

B. Wireless Internet access

C. Free martinis provided by a charitable bar boat

D. Early Christmas lights on Balboa Island homes

10. Decorations for what holiday are already appearing around


A. Halloween

B. Thanksgiving

C. Christmas

D. All of the above

ANSWERS: 1: A; 2:B; 3: B; 4: D; 5: B; 6: B; 7: B; 8: A; 9: B; 10:


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