Chicken Little Gets Bigger in 3-D

Everybody knows the story of "Chicken Little," an acorn hit him on the head and he thought the sky was falling. Well now we see what happens after that because this movie picks up where the fable left off. After the "Sky is falling" incident, the whole town hates him and his father is ashamed of him. In an effort to win back his father's respect, he joins the baseball team of his school and wins the championship for the first time in years. Just when things were going better for him, he finds a piece of the sky again. When an alien ship lands looking for it, chaos ensues. Though the whole town believes him now, the earth is being invaded and it is up to Chicken Little to save the day.

This computer animated movie is a great family film but it is the supporting cast makes this movie so good.

Pay special attention to the character Fish-Out-Of-Water. He does not say anything but is one of the strongest supporting roles. Runt of the Litter and the Ugly Duckling are the other friends that provide comic relief and a love interest.

At some specially selected theaters the film will be run as a 3-D feature. If you can get to one of those theaters, do it. Seeing Chicken Little coming out at you really makes this movie going experience even better. But however you see it, the film is fun for the whole family.

The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood is showing the film in 3-D. They also have a Chicken Little themed sundae next door at Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store. This is a great film to top off with ice cream.

This film is rated G, and stars the voice of Zach Braff as Chicken Little.

In 3-D! "Chicken Little," presented in Disney Digital 3-D.

Rating: 5 out of 5.20051110ipcdtrknPhoto Courtesy of El Capitan Theatre(LA)CHICKEN NOT SO LITTLE -- Chicken Little burst on to the scene at movie theaters and in special engagement theaters in Disney 3-D.

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