Let’s face the fact folks, the latest controversy regarding the absentee ballot application ordinance (“Application ordinance passes,” Feb. 20) sheds further light on the great divide in our fair city.

Our city is becoming an us-against-them town, with people of Armenian descent versus people of non-Armenian descent, old-timers versus newcomers, American-born versus immigrants, and with folks who want the “American Dream” for themselves versus those who have achieved the dream.

What are the accusations and counter-accusations as described by Gary Durret (“Move streamlines application process,” Mailbag, Friday) based on?

Could it be perhaps a resentment harbored by non-Armenian residents? Could it be a knee-jerk reaction by our immigrant community members throwing out charges of racism?

If population trends continue, this city will more than likely be made up of non-native Glendalians eventually.

By the way, who decides who is a “native Glendalian”?

The fact that no improprieties have ever been discovered regarding the absentee ballot issue should bear some weight in the matter. I understand concerned residents do not want any taint of impropriety attached to our sacred voting system. I guess that is why the ordinance passed.

You can call this a preemptive strike ordinance, as described by Carole Weling in a Community Commentary (“Current ballot process has too many temptations,” Feb. 14). Sounds like a plan cooked up by the Bush administration.

Whatever the end result of this whole controversy is, I am sure that it won’t help bridge our great divide, and we will be dealing with these issues until one side out-populates the other.

 BECKER DANSON is a Glendale resident.

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