School hopes to stay at Lowell site

Glendale Zoning Administrator Edith Fuentes took under advisement on Wednesday an application from Chamlian Armenian School to renew its application to continue to operate at 4444 Lowell Ave. in La Crescenta.

The school has been operated at the site by St. Peter's Church since 1983. Prior to that, it was a public school established in 1960.

Shoghig Yepremian, speaking for the applicant, said the school is looking to renew its variance to operate in an R-1 zone and is additionally seeking a permit to continue to provide 59 parking spaces instead of the code required 122.

Fuentes read a number of complaints from neighbors about traffic congestion and parking issues. Of one she said, “There's a reference to hand signals and flipping off. Can I say that?”

Neighbor Judi Leff said traffic was a major issue, adding that she had been blocked in leaving her home when a personal emergency occurred at around three o'clock in the afternoon.

Don Fisk, whose residence in the area predates the school, said the school officials had been cooperative in dealing with complaints, and he offered to continue as a liaison.

Sgt. Dennis Smith of the Glendale Police Department said he has worked with the school and neighbors on traffic issues. An off-duty police officer directs traffic in the driveway and a crossing guard has been assigned. Smith said the issues at the school are similar to those at 27 other schools in the Glendale area.

School officials reported that 15% of parents carpool, and promised to continue to promote ride sharing. They also promised to file with the city the pickup and drop-off plan provided to parents.

Fuentes, who said she is familiar with the issue as a nearby resident, promised to issue a written ruling.

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