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Civility by Diana Olson:

The 15 minute steps for easier makeup application are, in order:

Step 1 — Cleanser: Removes cosmetics, pollution, soap, or facial soil.

Step 2 — Toner: Removes cleanser and prepares skin for moisturizer; restores PH balance.

Step 3 — Moisturizer: Apply moisturizer over wet toner. Dry skin always needs moisturizer. Oily skin needs oil-free moisturizer or none. Combination skin needs moisturizer for the T-zone which is the forehead, nose and chin.


Step 4 — Camouflage Cream: Useful for under eyes for shadows, blemishes, or lines.

Step 5 — Foundation: Apply with a Q-Tip and blend with a sponge. Protects skin from elements; evens skin tone; covers blemishes; and helps to produce a flawless appearance.

Step 6 — Cream Rouge: Apply under cheekbone. Serves as a base for powder blush.

Step 7 — Translucent Powder: Using a powder brush, sets makeup; protects skin against pollution, and gives a finished look.


Step 8 — Powder Blush: Adds natural cheek color, using a blush brush.

Step 9 — Shadow Base: Apply skin tone color to even eye coloring from lash to brown.

Step 10 — Shadow-Brow Bone: Dark eye shadow belongs on brow bone if it is larger than the lid. Adds dimension to eyes; dark colors recede; light colors project.

Step 11 — Shadow Highlight: Lighter color accentuates the lid or brow bone, whichever is smaller.

Step 12 — Eyeliner: Apply color by aiming pencil down toward eyelashes using short strokes. For bottom lashes, tilt chin up and stroke color under bottom lashes. Visually lengthens eyelashes and enlarges eyes.

Step 13 — Eyebrow: Use a shadow liner closer to the color of the natural hair color to maintain correct shape of eyebrow. Softens brow bone and adds balance to face.

Step 14 — Mascara: Apply color onto your upper lashes. Tip and sweep. For the bottom lashes, hold wand vertically and stroke in a back and forth motion. Visually lengthens lashes and enlarges eyes.

Step 15 — Lip Liner: Gently draws mouth shape to define or redefine lips. Helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding.


Step 16 — Lip Color: Blend lip color and lip liner color. Gives a refined, approachable, finished and feminine look.

Lipstick tone should be as warm, cool, dark, or light as the eyes so that the correct lipstick makes the eyes “pop”.

Step 17 — Lip Gloss: Blend gloss over inner mouth area to give shine and softness.

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