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Musicians deserve better tips at shows

I would like to know why hardworking musicians are taken for granted and stiffed by the listening public?

Whether in clubs and restaurants or on the streets, these artists are routinely tipped a dollar or a few coins for the considerable pleasure they give. Most of us will tip many times this for a simple service like parking one’s car or being served a round of drinks and yet for some reason think that musicians and performers deserve less.

I suggest that this stinginess is out of keeping with the residents of Glendale, many of whom derive their incomes from the entertainment industry. Show some class and tip appropriately.




  No point of a park without parking

How do you go to the park when there is no place to park? The curb on Verdugo Road, at least 200 to 300 feet, has been painted red.


With all the sports that are using this park, where are they to go?

They want to put gates at Brand Park, I read (“Officials offer park solutions,” Friday), as well as a guard or ranger. Do they want to keep the public out?

Most park users park on the side streets, like Los Encinos Avenue.

How about some red “no parking” area near our driveway curbs on trash pickup day or any day cars hug the driveway entrance with the building going up on the corner of Los Encinos and Verdugo Road? Parking is almost nil.

At least two vehicles haven’t moved in a week. One truck has been in the same spot at least a month. So where is there to go to the park, when there’s no place to park?




Seeking answers on traffic ticket

In the last two weeks there have been three letters in the Glendale News-Press regarding a driver being ticketed in Glendale for failing to wait until a pedestrian reached the opposite curb before driving through the crosswalk (“Traffic stop was an unfair move by police,” Mailbag, March 7; “Police are sending mixed signals on laws,” Mailbag, March 13; “Clearing up the laws governing crosswalks,” Mailbag, Saturday).

Therefore, I have written to Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams asking him to advise me of the official policy of the Glendale Police Department regarding issuing a ticket to a driver who correctly stops for a pedestrian in a crosswalk but then proceeds through the crosswalk after the pedestrian is safely beyond the center of the street but has not reached the opposite curb.



City must support school district

What really hurts the city of Glendale is not supporting their school district (“City, school board don’t agree on utilities,” Saturday).


Why do people move to Glendale? Well, it sure is beautiful. We have great restaurants and shopping.

And amazing parks and cultural events could be put on that list. However, in this growing age of cities with poor public education, the Glendale Unified School District stands as an example of great public education.

Our family made that calculated move four years ago as our daughter was about to start kindergarten. We did the research and literally found that educational “jewel” we were looking for.

After years of pouring our tax dollars into the Los Angeles Unified School District, we wanted more. We searched for a great school and got a great city. After years spent at a private preschool, we didn’t realize how precious it is to have a great neighborhood school. I mean, I know my neighbors. Halloween is so special because I know the kids coming to my home, and Hollister Street is just a big block party.

Glendale City Council supporting Glendale’s schools with a utility credit is equivalent to them supporting Glendale’s way of life.

That’s what we’re fighting for here: a way of life, one that some of us have obviously taken for granted. For City Manager Jim Starbird to say that the school district is facing “a few years that are expected to be fiscally tight” just shows his lack of understanding of how tight it already has been.

Glendale is a small school district that uses its money wisely, but many extras that used to be provided by the state are now provided by parents either personally or through a foundation. I call them extras, but is a computer lab really an extra?

In this age of communication, it’s a necessity.

Is raising classroom size going to make our schools better?

Our state is already ranked last in per-student spending. How low can we go?

Glendale City Council: Would you like for us to pull our children out of the Glendale Unified School District in search of a better education?