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Rockhaven purchase is a boon for city

I want to thank the City Council, and Councilman John Drayman in particular, for making such an enlightened decision (“City to buy Rockhaven,” Wednesday). This is a wonderful piece of property with magnificent old oak trees.

What great foresight to preserve it and make it into a place that can be enjoyed by the whole community, rather than allowing it to be torn down and replaced with a strip mall or another condominium complex.

It’s also refreshing to find a project that the whole council seemed to agree was a good idea.


Way to go, guys.



Dais response to collaboration baffling


I am baffled by Mayor Ara Najarian’s defensive response to Glendale Unified School Board President Greg Krikorian’s call for more collaboration and help from the city of Glendale (“Najarian, Krikorian are at odds,” Thursday).

After all, wasn’t it really just a plea for some help for the children of Glendale? What is wrong with asking for some dialogue between the city and the school district to head off further cuts in our schools?

Also, it seems to me that the city is missing the point on maintaining the quality of Glendale schools.

When we moved to Glendale 11 years back, it was in no small part because of the quality of the schools. Higher property values are a reflection of the demand to live in Glendale. Tax dollars are collected by the city of Glendale on those high property values. It seems to me that if Glendale’s schools are in trouble, then Glendale is also in trouble.



Board president has duty to seek solutions

As Glendale Unified School District board president, Greg Krikorian has a responsibility to search for every possible way to maintain the strength of our school system, which is facing state budget cuts (“Najarian, Krikorian are at odds,” March 20).


If he feels there may be a way to seek some savings from Glendale Water & Power, he has a responsibility to explore that.

After all, various city departments use school facilities for their functions, yet the school district is stuck with the repairs and maintenance related to those functions.

Why should a request for a meeting to discuss possible utility rate reductions be turned into a confrontation? For The honorable mayor to react with such an emotional outburst is puzzling. Why the hypersensitivity?

Anyone who knows Krikorian knows that, more than perhaps anyone, he’s someone with whom you can meet, put all the cards on the table, and have an honest and fair discussion. That’s a key component of his sterling reputation in this city.

Is a utility rate reduction plausible for the city schools? Personally, I don’t know. But what’s the harm in sitting down together to talk about it?



Homeless can help feed themselves


Regarding your article on the Lord’s Kitchen program remaining shut (“Homeless coalition to remain shut,” Friday — sometimes things are so hard they are real simple.

Why not have the homeless use their talents, cooking, etc.

You need manpower; they may be homeless but that doesn’t mean they can’t do anything to help out and probably would appreciate their meals more and take a much better outlook feeling they are capable of doing more than just taking it all for granted — feeling also more worthwhile and a real big boost, hoping this will improve some of their situation.


La Crescenta

Thief made a life a little less happy

This letter is addressed to the thief who stole a silver-and-green boy’s bike from Elk Avenue in Glendale in the early morning of Good Friday.

Just thought you’d like to know that you stole the bike of a mentally retarded little boy.

Unfortunately, you’re a thief, so you probably don’t care who you hurt. Now I have to be the one to watch my son’s heart break as I tell him what you’ve done to him.

I guess the extra-thick bike lock and the padlock through the tires wasn’t going to stop you this time.

Thanks for leaving the cut bike chain behind.

This was your second attempt. The first time you were stopped and you ran away like the coward that you are. This time you came back and finished your mission under cover of the dark.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Try getting a job and pay for what you want; that’s what the rest of us do. You may not get caught this time, but you will have to answer for your crimes when you stand in front of God.

I have to forgive you, and I will pray for you tonight. I just thought you should know who you were hurting by your actions.

I can only hope that if you gave the bicycle to one of your own children, that they can find enjoyment in it.