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Frank Ramos has a mystery: a box of postcards from all around the world with one thing in common.

“They were sent to the Potter family in Glendale,” he said.

They were passed down to Ramos from his mother’s aunt, Naomi Benedetti, several years ago.

“She lived all around the world; her father was a diplomat with the Vatican. Most of the postcards are dated from 1902 to 11 and were addressed to either Herbert or Ray Potter at a succession of addresses on Verdugo Road, including 212, 220, 242 and 244. Later, a few were sent to the Potters on Locust Street in Pasadena, then, still later, to Glendora.


Some had a short message such as “Came here on Thursday, weather is beautiful.” Others had no message at all. But they all had something else in common. They were all signed by “W.D.”

Ramos doesn’t think the Potters are related to his family in any way and the initials W.D. are part of another mystery. Perhaps, his mother’s aunt Naomi got the postcards from a neighbor and just hung on to them because she liked the colorful images. But Ramos would like to know the story behind them. If you know the answer, please write to Verdugo Views at the address below.


?If you have questions, comments or memories to share, please write to Verdugo Views, c/o News-Press, 221 N. Brand Blvd., 2nd Floor, Glendale, CA 91203. Please include your name, address and phone number.