Water district work to begin

The Crescenta Valley Water District will be replacing four water valves on Ramsdell Avenue between Foothill Boulevard and Stevens Avenue starting on Monday, and water will be shut off for six to eight hours Wednesday.

These valves were installed around 1959 and need to be replaced to allow proper maintenance of the water system.

The work on Ramsdell Avenue is being done the same week as spring break for all the Glendale Unified School District schools, in order to reduce additional traffic delays, the district said.

The work will involve excavation of four 10-by-10-foot holes on Ramsdell Avenue to replace the valves. A water main shutdown is planned for Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The district is urging customers to plan for this temporary loss of water by drawing water in advance of the shut-off time to supply ordinary needs and store water in the bathtub for toilet flushing.

After water is back in service, the district recommends that users turn on their water faucets slowly, as there may be air trapped in the water lines from recharging the water main in the street.

The air should dissipate quickly, and water service should be restored back to normal.

Temporary “no parking” signs will be posted, and driveways within the construction zone may be temporarily restricted due to the construction.

For more information, contact David Gould or Christina Olmedo at (818) 248-3925 or e-mail

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