Chief backs tougher speeding law

Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams has given his support to a bill by local assembly member Paul Krekorian to increase the penalties for high-speed driving through city streets.

Adam said, “Assemblymember Krekorian's bill strengthens law enforcement's ability to deal effectively with those who choose to drive recklessly and threaten the lives of innocent residents. We have had far too many families devastated in Glendale by high speed crashes, and the heftier penalties associated with this bill will help deter anyone in the future from driving at excessive speeds. This important bill will tackle the problem by ensuring that repeat offenders will lose their licenses sooner.”

The Krekorian bill, AB 326679, will double the points added to a driver's record if the driver speeds 26 miles an hour over the posted speed0 limit on city streets. The bill would also make it possible to revoke a driver's license after a second offense, instead of four as presently allowed. The bill passed the Assembly transportation committee and is now in appropriations.

Krekorian recalled the speeding death of Elizabeth Sandoval in an accident where the driver was 35 miles over the posted speed limit. He said, “We cannot tolerate the outrageous conduct of those repeat speeders who endanger the lives of innocent pedestrians and drivers.”

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