The City Council on Tuesday approved $82,425 to repair portions of the rubberized field track and decomposed granite borders at the Glendale Sports Complex.

Wear and tear from rain and soccer cleats have damaged the granite borders bordering the track, which in turn has exposed the track’s lip to deterioration. Maintenance staff have also discovered a tear in the rubberized track material that is beyond their repairing ability. The money is expected to cover the cost of replacing the decomposed granite border with concrete and repairs to the track.


Parks officials say the new concrete material will better withstand daily wear and tear and prevent further deterioration of the rubberized track.

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The official public hearing for input on the city’s 2008-09 budget was officially set for 6 p.m. on June 10.

The hearing, which is required by the city’s charter, is held every year to solicit input from the public on spending priorities and budget issues prior to the start of the next fiscal year on July 1. Speakers may also address budget priorities for fiscal year 2009-10.

The council continues to hold special budget study sessions as it prepares to close a projected $9.4 million budget gap for 2008-09. The council has historically adopted a balanced budget every year on June 24.


Speakers who have been unable to attend the special morning meetings will have an opportunity ti weigh in the budget since the hearing will take place at the regular Tuesday night meeting.

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The City Council introduced an ordinance that would allow for a proposed 60-foot-high cellular antenna at Pelanconi Park.

The “unmanned telecommunications facility” would be built to resemble a flag pole at the northwest corner of the ball field at 1018 Grandview Ave. with a 12-foot by 18-foot equipment enclosure at its base.

The antenna pole would contain two antenna arrays and generate $30,000 in land lease payments to the city during its first year.

If the council approves the ordinance next week, Royal Street Communications would pay $2,500 per month to the city with an option to increase that rent on an annual basis by 4% over the course of the 10-year contract.

The Pelanconi Estates Homeowners Assn. has not objected to the project. There are currently seven antennae at ball fields and sports sites throughout the city under similar lease agreements that generate about $169,000 a year for the city.


The proposed ordinance must come back to the City Council next week for final approval and the contract can be initiated.

VOTE: 5-0

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