“It's like a no-brainer.”

— David Kaufmann, who bought his all-electric ZENN car in 2007, on how the federal government should ease regulations restricting the vehicle to 25 mph. The cars are capable of traveling at speeds of up to 40 mph.


“From the outside, it really looks like a boys club on some of these commissions. It can be a little intimidating.”

— Design Review Board No. 2 Chairwoman Laura Friedman, on one of the reasons some women may be reluctant to submit applications to serve on the city's civic commissions.


“Pretty much, everything is a free-for-all along Glenoaks.”

— City traffic engineer Gerald Tom on the current situation on West Glenoaks Boulevard, in which pedestrians are crossing certain stretches of the six-lane thoroughfare without the aid of crosswalk lighting. ?

“We're on the verge of going to impasse on negotiations.”

— Gordon Alexandre, president of the Glendale College Guild, on the status of salary negotiations between the faculty and the college.


“This was not a fight. This was a premeditated attack.”

— Crescenta Valley High School parent Joe Torres, on an altercation at the school on May 9 in which his son and another student were allegedly confronted by a group of varsity football players and beat up.


“So things haven't really improved, have they?”

— Glendale Unified School District board of education clerk Chuck Sambar, on how the governor's revised May budget would affect schools.


“He was always very polite, very helpful.”

— Olga Perez, a former traditional Aztec dance teacher and friend of Juan Manuel Alvarez. Alvarez is accused of causing the Jan. 26, 2005, Metrolink train crash that killed 11 and left nearly 200 injured.

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