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Encourages public involvement

I noticed the Verdugo Hills Golf Course the other day when I drove on Tujunga Canyon Boulevard and I wondered about its status. Then I saw a CV Sun article saying that a state assemblyman had tried to pull a fast and dirty maneuver at the state level to get approval for the construction of homes by the developer [“Controversial golf course bill withdrawn,” June 13]. I am both shocked and appalled by this situation. I’m glad that bill was stopped in its tracks.

I urge everyone living in the Foothills to contact local government officials to let them know about the desire of this community to have an appropriate use of this wonderful open space. We do not need more homes. We do need open and recreational space. We do not have enough water for existing residences so why build more homes? We don’t need more traffic in this already clogged area. We don’t need the added noise and pollution caused by increased traffic.

The VHGC is an amazing property that needs to be saved. We could continue to use the golf course, but there are also wonderful ideas about adding other kinds of recreation so that even more of us can benefit.

Let’s preserve our open space with the ancient oak trees. Isn’t this a great way to save our environment from the wrath of global warming? We can and should all do our part to save this wonderful open space. Things won’t change if each and every one of us doesn’t do our part.

— Margaret Rice

La Crescenta

DMV flip-flops on scheduling

Glendale DMV is telling written test takers they can only take “one test per day, per person.” When their office is “busy,” they revoke the three test allotment, per their discretion. I contacted the Bureau of Transportation and Housing in Sacramento, to which I was told that what the Glendale DMV is doing is wrong. I was told someone from the Glendale DMV would contact me, but I’m still waiting. This causes people to have to reschedule, use up valuable gas and possible work time. Many people were told this and were turned away when I was there. A makeshift sign (that can be removed) is at the front of the test area that states the “one test per day” allotment. I’m pursing this, but the public should be made aware as well.

— Desiree Allard


Dreier’s plan to lower gas

Congressman Dreier took some time to hear from us, his constituents, last week and we are glad he did. We discussed a number of issues, but of particular interest was gas prices and illegal immigration.

Congressman Dreier outlined a sensible, four-point plan to lower gas prices that protected consumers, increased gas supply, modernized our infrastructure and promoted alternative fuels. He is also focused on passing a bill to stop illegal immigration and crack down on document fraud.

It’s clear he’s fighting for us back in Washington. We’re lucky to have such a thoughtful representative in Congress. We all plan on supporting him again this year.

— Sylvia Becdach


Challenging and reforming

Well, my campaign for the House of Representatives did as well in the challenge of 2008 as it did in 2006 — 26.5% of the vote against a 14-term incumbent is not too bad.

Certainly my message is resonating with the voters, namely, seal the border to illegal immigration, cut spending, preserve the sovereignty of our great nation and, finally, restore the Republican Party. These are basic Republican principles that so many in Congress have simply lost sight of.

Most important of all, I believe none of us should give up on the Republican Party. It is a Party that has America’s best interests at the core of its founding. The best way to restore the Republican Party and, in turn our great nation, is to elect those Republicans to office who best stand by the founding principles of our Party and our nation. Sometimes the only choice we have is to reform the incumbents.

Suffice it to say, come November of 2008, we must keep the 26th Congressional District in Republican hands.

I thank my supporters throughout the district all the way from La Crescenta to Rancho Cucamonga — I love the name of that town! And remember that 2010 is not far off.

God bless you and God bless America

— Sonny Sardo

La Cañada

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