?Feed pets indoors or immediately remove dishes when pets complete their meals outside. Store pet food bags indoors.

?Secure garbage cans. Don't put the cans out the night before a scheduled trash pick-up.

?Pick up fallen fruit.

?Clear brush and dense weeds from property.

?Don't feed or give water to coyotes or other wildlife. It is illegal in Los Angeles County for residents to feed coyotes and certain other wild mammals.

?Don't use plastic bags as garbage containers because coyotes can easily rip through the bags.

?Keep cats and small dogs inside.

?Be aggressive and appear strong when confronted by a coyote. Throw rocks or spray water from a hose at the coyotes.

?Never turn your back away from a coyote.


Source: Los Angeles County Department of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures, as well as the Pasadena Humane Society.

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