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Our readers write

We should dictate design decisions

Please, all of you at the [Glendale Design Review Board 2], allow us to have some say in what happens in our community!

This proposed monstrosity is or will be just as ugly as the former Shakey’s Pizza building you allowed on the north side of the street.

It is truly an eyesore and I hope they fail miserably. You people have no regard for our desires. This is not New York or Chicago, we are a small community and want to keep it that way!


— Penny Downs

La Crescenta

On board with columnist Chase


I love the Valley Sun, which is delivered every Friday to our home.

I totally loved the article Jim Chase ran this week called “Down Babel Boulevard” [My Thoughts, Exactly, July 25].

I totally agree with Jim that signs should be in English. There are more and more signs going up along Foothill Boulevard that are not in English. What has happened to America? It started long ago and is getting worse. It is not right. English should be the language spoken and on signs. La Crescenta wants to improve Foothill Boulevard. Get rid of the non-English signs and those awful gigantic billboards.

It makes me angry.

I so enjoy reading Jim Chase’s articles on a weekly basis. He is always interesting. This week he read my mind on the feelings I have about that awful gigantic ugly billboard.

— Carol Bammes

La Crescenta


Responds to editor’s commentary

In regard to Robin Goldsworthy’s commentary of July 18 “Struggling with a compassionate ‘no’”, how about we take those who’ve been on welfare for life and switch up our teams, like fantasy baseball? We take a hardworking illegal and switch them into our world and take the person who has over 10 years on welfare and place them in Mexico, or from whatever place the other guy came, sort of like the game ‘Sorry’.

Maybe this is a more fair scenario whereby honest, hard working people get to stay and lazy, never employed Americans may go.

— Anne Fisher

La Crescenta