The following items will be discussed at Tuesday's Glendale City Council meeting:


Citing a slew of economic factors, the council is slated to consider asking the state for $500,000 in additional grant money to cover the cost of its chromium 6 water treatment facilities.

The council initially requested and received $2 million.

Because of increased building costs of the yet-to-be-built facility and the needs and scope of the chromium 6 treatment research program, officials are asking for more money, which would bring the total grant amount to $2.5 million.


The council is expected to call for the grant application to be submitted.


The council is expected to consider adopting an amended solicitation ordinance allowing individuals to seek work from parkways and allow people to approach motorists who pull up to the curb out of the way of traffic lanes, even if the vehicle is illegally parked.

The ordinance was introduced last week after the original measure — which had banned solicitors at places such as Home Depot from approaching cars from parkways — was declared an unconstitutional infringement on First Amendment liberties.


Councilman Ara Najarian introduced the motion last week, setting the stage for its probable adoption Tuesday.

The council is slated to consider establishing a new city job — budget administrator — to oversee the city's main budget function and provide “more effective monitoring and analysis of the budget and revenues on a year-round basis,” according to a city staff report.

The city's accounting staff and various managerial personnel now oversee the budget process.

City Manager Jim Starbird requested that the position be created after the recent budget negotiations.


Staff members have recommended that the council approve the new position.


A proposal to continue a program that ensures financial support for city employees on active military leave is scheduled to be considered by the council on Tuesday.

The initiative — which would be the seventh extension of the program since Sept. 11, 2001 — provides supplemental financial support for Glendale workers called to duty in Iraq, Afghanistan or those asked to perform border patrol duties.

Two city employees are currently serving in the military.


If approved, the benefit would take effect Sept. 11.

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