GLENDALE — A black Toyota Corolla caused about $5,000 in damage to a Glendale post office Friday evening when a woman smashed into the Verdugo Viejo Station.

The woman, whom authorities did not identify, might have accidentally pressed her car’s accelerator instead of its brake pedal as she tried to park in the single-lane parking lot, officials said.

Nearly a dozen Glendale firefighters and two Glendale Police Department officers responded at 6:35 p.m., about an hour after the office closed for the day.

No injuries were reported, and post office staff members did not see the crash occur.

“We were all in the back at the time,” said David Emanuel, a supervisor of the post office at 101 N. Verdugo Road.

Safety crews spent about 20 minutes sweeping up shattered glass and said the office would be open by Monday.

Two windows and a portion of the stucco frame were destroyed in the crash, though Glendale Fire Department Capt. Carlos Guerrero said the damage could have been much worse if a pole she grazed was hit directly.

The accident was the second incident of its kind this week in the region.

Six people were injured Monday when a motorist mistakenly stepped on the accelerator as she slammed into patrons at a Starbucks in La Crescenta.

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